Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Central Virginia Arts Board of Trustees

January 7, 2019
Riverside Café

Present: Betty Fanelli, Susan Harwood, Paul Hoffman, Deborah McClintock, Richard McClintock, Phyllis McKinney, Donna McRae-Jones, Robin Sedgwick, Donna Taylor, and Cynthia Wood. President Cynthia Wood called the meeting to order.

Treasurer’s Report. Paul distributed copies of the financial report including income and expenses from 7/1 to 12/31. He explained the banking fees and office supplies expenditures. The rest was routine. Then, Paul reported that he visited with Trent Nicholas of the VMFA by email, and that the VMFA considers the CVA to be current on lecture and workshop fees. The VMFA will invoice the CVA for future fees, and Paul just sent a check for the fall 2018 lectures (2) and workshop (1).

Membership Report. Paul shared the current membership roster with notes about the few previous members who had not yet paid their dues and a few that dropped their memberships. Currently, there are 79 members, and dues collected to date for this year are $1,115.00. After a motion by Donna Taylor, seconded by Susan Harwood, the Board agreed to make Angie Way an Honorary Member of the CVA.

Bylaws Revision. Cynthia reported that we are on track for the proposed revised Bylaws to be approved at the New Beginnings Party. Paul suggested that we have a handout with the list of officers and Board members who are to be re-elected at the New Beginnings Party with the staggered terms of the Board Members listed. Robin will produce the list and Cynthia offered to make copies for distribution. Susan suggested, and it was agreed that adding the terms of the Board Members to the website would save us research time in the future.

Exhibition Opportunities for CVA Artists.
  • Third Street Brewery Show. Susan reported that she visited with Audry Sullivan about the CVA doing a show at the brewery. The commission rate would be 35%. There is an agreement that needs to be signed for an all-member show from July 12 to September 30, 2019. The number of pieces will depend on the size of the artworks. Susan will be the contact for this show, and we will try to get artists to sign up through our emails.
  • MacCallum More Shows. The MacCallum More Juried Show is open to all artists, and last year Ursula coordinated a CVA All Members Show at the Chase City museum. The Board thought we should promote both shows to the members, and ask Ursula to coordinate the All Members Show again this year.
Farmville Magazine. Cynthia said she talked to Marge Swayne about a CVA story in the Farmville Magazine, and Marge agreed to write a story.

New Member Recruitment. Cynthia asked how we could recruit new members, especially younger members. It was suggested we contact the art departments at Longwood, Hampden-Sydney, and Southside to see if we could engage the art students. It was also suggested that we make the next December-January show at Riverside a college art student show. Someone noted that we offer a discounted membership of $10.00 per year for students. It was hoped that either Marianne Dennison or Mary Peca could coordinate this activity for the CVA.

Studio Tours. It was agreed to do two studio tours this year. The first would be April 6, and would include Lisa Hoffman, the McClintocks, and hopefully, Marianne Dennison. A second studio tour would be this fall and include Cynthia Wood, Ursula Burgess, and Donna Taylor.

Workshop Fees. Cynthia asked if we should consider raising the fees for workshops since we pay VMFA $150 for workshop presenters. It was agreed that an increase from the current fee of $15 was long overdue. After some discussion, Donna McRae-Jones made a motion, seconded by Susan Harwood, to raise the fee for workshops next season to $25 for members and $40 for non-members (which includes a one-year individual membership), and the Board agreed.

10-1-18 Meeting Minutes. Paul made a motion, seconded by Betty Fanelli, to approve the October 1, 2018, meeting minutes, and the Board agreed.

Preparation of Minutes. Minutes prepared by Paul Hoffman.

Next Meeting of the Board: Monday, April 1, 9:00 am, at Riverside Café. The Board also agreed to continue the quarterly meeting schedule on the first Monday of each quarter, 9:00 am, at Riverside Café.
Minutes of the Meeting of the 
Central Virginia Arts Board of Trustees

October 1, 2018 
Riverside Café 

Present: Ursula Burgess, Betty Fanelli, Paul Hoffman, Deborah McClintock, Richard McClintock, Robin Sedgwick, Donna Taylor, and Cynthia Wood; with a cameo appearance by Outings Coordinator Donna McRae-Jones (all coordinators were invited to attend)

President Cynthia Wood called the meeting to order around 9:15 a.m. She thanked the Hoffmans for hosting the festive September picnic.

Paul Hoffman distributed copies of the membership roster and his treasurer’s report. Current account balance is $5,461.62. So far this year only 50 members have paid dues (out of a membership of 96 last year). Board members might contact former members who haven’t yet rejoined.

Bylaws Revision: Before presenting detailed recommendations for bylaws changes made to bring the bylaws into correspondence with current CVA practice, Paul highlighted the most significant revisions he’s proposing:
  • Fiscal year to correspond with calendar year 
  • Annual membership meeting to occur on a “date established by the Board of Trustees in each year,” most likely at the New Beginnings event that has been taking place each January 
  • Positions of Treasurer and Membership Chair to be combined 
  • Term limits for officers abolished 
After discussion involving additional revisions and, in at least one case, reinstatement of an old procedure (Programs and Workshops coordinators still to report to the Vice-President), Deborah McClintock moved that the board accept the changes to the bylaws proposed by Paul and additionally made and approved at the meeting and that the revised bylaws proposal be circulated to the membership prior to a vote at the annual membership meeting. The motion was seconded and approved by unanimous vote.

Paul will circulate the updated bylaws document to the board for approval. He will send the proposed revised bylaws to the full membership sometime in December with the suggestion that they contact a board member with any comments and be ready for a vote in January.

Donna Taylor thanked Paul for his thoughtful and thorough work on the bylaws.

Unpaid Balance with VMFA: Ursula Burgess reported that she has not yet been able to get an answer from VMFA personnel about our unpaid balance for lectures and workshops. She cautioned that we need to keep a cushion in the treasury in case VMFA does not forgive the arrears. Having been alerted to the fact that payments weren’t made because apparently no invoices were sent, VMFA will in the future be sending bills for services, Ursula believes. Paul pointed out that a treasurer cannot make a payment without receiving an invoice.

Exhibition Opportunities for CVA Artists: Cynthia reported that Audrey Sullivan has endorsed the idea of a CVA show at The Brewery. Suggestion: approximately 28 works for an all-members exhibit to be installed by CVA and shown July 12 – September 3. Paul asked that we get clarification about costs involved with such a CVA-sponsored show. Richard McClintock pointed out that any member interested in an individual Brewery show should work through Audrey.


  • Richard McClintock will set up a members tour of the folk art exhibition now at the LCVA. Details to come via the newsletter. 
  • Cynthia talked up Fine Arts & Flowers, scheduled for October 25–28 at VMFA, with proceeds this year going to the inaugural tour of the new VMFA artmobile. Deborah’s garden club is going to VMFA for a tour of this exhibition and lunch on October 25. She will investigate and let Paul know if CVA members might be invited to tag along on this outing, and any opportunity to do so will be publicized through the newsletter. 
  • Cynthia brought up the possibility of CVA’s sponsoring a similar exhibition at LCVA, with CVA selecting works from the LCVA’s collection to serve as inspiration for flower arrangements by local volunteers. Possibly in summer? Possibly in the Main Street window gallery? 
Studio Tour: Cynthia is interested in reviving the artists’ studio tours that CVA last organized around 1992/93. A tentative date of Saturday, April 6, 2019, was set for a tour of possibly three studios in fairly close proximity. Featured artists would be available to talk with visitors, and hours each studio would be open would be scheduled. Paul will ask for artist volunteers in the newsletter.

Historian Position: Cynthia reported that the position is still not filled. Deborah will ask Angie Way if she’d be interested. To help whoever assumes the position, Deborah and Paul agreed to alert the historian when they’ve submitted press releases to the Herald.

Printed Invitations: Ursula asked whether CVA will continue to mail out printed invitations to exhibitions and events. Answer: Yes.

Minutes: Per a suggestion made by Paul, once minutes have been approved by the president and the board, they will be posted on the CVA website.

Minutes prepared by Robin Sedgwick, Secretary

Next meeting of the board: Monday, January 7, 9 a.m., Riverside Café