Exhibition Guidelines & Artist Forms

Exhibition Guidelines

1. Sign-up sheets, locations, and dates will be displayed at Receptions and other CVA events.

2. Only CVA member artists (dues paid) may sign-up for upcoming exhibits.

3. Sign-up must include artist’s phone numbers, mailing, and email addresses.

4. Artists should only show once every 12 months. “All Member Shows” are exceptions.

5. Artists are responsible to remember the dates of the shows for which they have signed up. The Exhibits Coordinator will confirm your acceptance to show.

6. Artists and the Exhibits Coordinator should verify the artists’ participation 30 days prior to their show hanging. Failure by an artist to do so may result in exhibition space being assigned to another artist. Artists will be contacted one week prior to confirm pick-up/drop-off dates and times.

7. In order to assure maximum publicity and promotional opportunities, artists should provide a short biography and photos of themselves and/or a representative piece of art to the CVA Communications Coordinator no less than two weeks in advance of the show hanging. The Communication Coordinator is Paul Hoffman: (434) 603-0302 (mobile), or paul@pauldhoffman.com.

8. Artists are expected to show up on time for pick-up and drop-off of artwork. Failure to do so may result in suspension from further shows.

9. The number of pieces that each artist may display is to be determined by the Exhibits Coordinator. Multiple artists in the same show will be permitted to hang a nearly equal number of pieces depending on artwork size and space availability.

10. Two copies of the Artist Exhibition Forms (available at the CVA Website) for each piece of art must be completed, one attached to the back of the artwork, and the second given to the Exhibits Coordinator.

11. Each piece to be displayed must be framed and ready to hang. The Exhibits Coordinator reserves the right to reject work that is not safely or correctly framed. Framing requirements are as follows:

A. All frames must be tightly connected at all four corners. The art and backing must be tightly fastened within the frame.

B. Due to the unique hanging system at the Riverside Cafe, wood frames (or unframed canvasses) must have eyelets for hanging that must be placed between 1” to 2” down from the top corners of the back of the frame. Metal or plastic frames need equivalent hanging equipment at the top corners.

C. For showing at the Health Department (and most other venues), frames must have standard hanging wire, with screw-eyes no farther than one-fourth of the way down the frame. This venue does not allow unframed canvasses.

12. All art to be shown at Riverside Cafe is to be priced by the artist and must be “For Sale.”

EXAMPLE of cash flow at Riverside Cafe: (Download PDF to view)

We look forward to your participation and success!

Donna McRae-Jones
CVA Exhibits Coordinator
703-405-0093 (mobile)