Annual Membership Picnic in Photos

CVA Lecture September 15: Armchair Travel, or How to See England without Leaving the U.S.

Love to visit England, but hate the jet lag? Then let Executive Director of Agecroft Hall, Richmond, Anne Kenny-Urban, lead you through a tour of “England in America”. From the comfort of your seat, travel from Connecticut to Nevada in search of English architectural treasures, like Agecroft Hall, that have made the journey from the Old World to the New. Hear the incredible stories of why and how the structures were transported to America and what purpose they serve now.

All CVA lectures are free and open to the public, and they are held at the Atkinson Museum at Hampden-Sydney College, at 3:00 pm. 

Anne Kenny-Urban
CVA Workshop September 14: Layers of Meaning: Creating Image Transfer Portraits for Historical Projects 

This workshop will be held at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, on Saturday, September 14. There is a limit of 12 participants in this workshop, and you will need to bring print images and any text that you will want to use in your portrait/collage. CVA Workshops cost $25.00 for members and $45.00 for non-members, which includes a one-year Individual Membership. Contact Deborah McClintock at 434-390-5027 for more information or to register.

By creating portraits, artists have long held a pivotal role in recording history. Contemporary artists create visual narratives that represent the complexity of history and historical figures. Image transfer provides new opportunities for artists to develop this avenue of exploration. The image transfer process produces a transparent image that allows for the visibility of multiple collaged layers within a single work of art all at once. Learn the image transfer process to transform copies of photographs, as well as images and text from magazines and books into transparent layers within your art. This workshop offers an introduction to a variety of methods of using safe, non-toxic adhesives to manually transfer images, with a focus on portraiture, visual narrative, contrast, and composition. After learning this new skill, continue to experiment with combining various media, source material, and collage techniques to create multidimensional, layered, mixed-media portraits. Work on a variety of surfaces, including fabric, paper, and wood.

Blythe King

Blythe King is a Pittsburgh-born artist based in Richmond, VA. She utilizes a variety of processes including image transfer, photo collage, Zen calligraphy, and gold leafing to reveal the complexities of female identity. Her most recent project, Two Sides of the Same Coin, is focused on reworked portraits of women originally depicted in vintage mail order catalogues and magazine clippings. King studied religion and art and received her BA from the University of Richmond and her MA from the University of Colorado. She practiced Zen calligraphy with Stephen Addiss (The Art of Zen). Her art has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and art centers nationwide. King currently works as an artist, art educator, and professor of religious studies.
Sales Tax Reminder

This is a reminder that artists are responsible for paying sales tax to the Commonwealth of Virginia on art sale proceeds.

Here is a link to the Virginia Temporary Sales Tax payment eForm. This form is also available on the CVA website on the "CVA Artist Exhibition Forms" page. If you sell more than three times in a year, you will need to register with the VA Department of Taxation.

In the case of Riverside Café sales, Riverside collects the sales tax from the buyer, The CVA then distributes the artist's 70% share of the sale plus 100% of the sales tax collected. 25% of the Riverside Café sales goes to Riverside Café, and 5% goes to the CVA.