Annual Meeting Report

During the New Beginnings Party on January 12, 2020, the current Officers of the CVA were elected to a new term for 2020. Also, Board of Trustee vacancies were filled. Betty Fanelli, whose term expired this year, was elected to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Phyllis McKinney. Pat Howe and Greg Wolfrey were elected to new terms of 2020 through 2022. Susan Harwood was thanked for her years of service to the CVA Board.
Juried Photography Show at the Hotel Weyanoke 

Our President, Cynthia Wood, continues to work with the Hotel Weyanoke on a Juried Photography Show for CVA Members, including Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College students whose entry fee would include a CVA membership.

Cynthia is still trying to coordinate the dates for this show, and the Hotel Weyanoke is working to coordinate with the colleges

Most CVA art shows are not "Juried Shows." In a "Juried Show," the art is "juried" by a panel of judges who have the final say in which art is displayed. In this case the photography will be juried by the Hotel Weyanoke (not the CVA), so submission does not guarantee your photography will be in the show.

Stay tuned for more details.
2020 Dues are Now Payable

Last year, we changed from a fiscal year to a calendar year for memberships and dues. Along with that change, dues for the calendar year 2020 are payable from October 1, 2019, to January 31, 2020. If you are not currently a member, this is a great time to join. Of course, we hope all current members will want to promptly renew their memberships.

Dues for an Individual Membership are $20.00. For a Couple or Family Membership, the dues are $25.00. Contributing or Business Member dues are $40.00.

You can pay you dues any one of four ways: cash, check, Paypal, or credit card. We recommend cash or credit card payments be made in person at a CVA event. Checks can be mailed to: Central Virginia Arts; c/o Paul Hoffman, Treasurer; 988 Sulphur Spring Rd; Prospect, VA 23960. Paypal payments can be made on the CVA website. Be sure to select the correct membership category from the drop-down menu.
Sales Tax Reminder

This is a reminder that artists are responsible for paying sales tax to the Commonwealth of Virginia on art sale proceeds.

Here is a link to the Virginia Temporary Sales Tax payment eForm. This form is also available on the CVA website on the "CVA Artist Exhibition Forms" page. If you sell more than three times in a year, you will need to register with the VA Department of Taxation.

In the case of Riverside Café sales, Riverside collects the sales tax from the buyer, The CVA then distributes the artist's 70% share of the sale plus 100% of the sales tax collected. 25% of the Riverside Café sales goes to Riverside Café, and 5% goes to the CVA.